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ScarJo's girl power on Avengers set

Scarlett Johansson has joked that Chris Hemsworth's hair takes longer to style than hers does.

The actress has reprised her role as Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff in the latest superhero instalment Age of Ultron, which also sees Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo and Jeremy Renner back for another helping.

Working with so many men might be tough for some, but Scarlett is fine with it as she sees actors as another breed.

"Now we have Lizzy [Elizabeth Olsen] and Cobie [Smulders] both in it, which is helpful," she explained to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. "I surround myself with an army of women to protect me against all the testosterone. I mean we're talking about actors so you know, they're very delicate. I mean Hemsworth's hair takes much longer than mine, for sure."

Ellen then joked that actors aren't like real men, prompting Scarlett to guffaw.

Shooting this flick was a new experience for the actress as she was expecting her daughter Rose at the time. She was stunned to find herself back on set while pregnant, but didn't let it affect her much at all. In fact the main impact it had was on her co-stars, who all wanted to look after her.

"Certainly not. No. I would never assume that title," she said, when asked if she feels like a supermum. "No. Although, you know, I certainly actually shot this film while I was pretty pregnant. Which was kind of crazy. I never thought I would be doing this movie. It was mind blowing. Very strange.

"I was really happy to be working, I never thought I'd be working in that condition. Everybody had to be nice to me, which was cool. I felt like I kind of got a free pass, I didn't have too much roughhousing from the guys. Which is always good."

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