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Scarlett Johansson: I am sensitive

Scarlett Johansson admits she is a "hypersensitive" person.

The actress is known for playing sexy and confident characters, but in real life Scarlett isn't always so assured. She claims that she has a sensitive nature, but uses this to her advantage when it comes to movies.

Scarlett is currently starring as Black Widow in the blockbuster movie Avengers Assemble and has revealed how different she is to the mysterious character.

"She could definitely kick my ass, that's for sure," the 27-year-old told Total Film. "She has to remain lukewarm, in a sense. To keep a distance and not make decisions based on her emotions. I always make decisions based on my emotions. I'm not very practical that way. I think I'm hypersensitive and I think I use it for my job, so there are certainly a lot of differences there."

The beauty is thrilled that her kick-ass character has inspired her younger fans. Scarlett has recalled seeing one girl who had dressed up like Black Widow.

"The fans are great," she smiled. "I saw this little girl dressed up as Black Widow for Halloween. She was like nine and had the red hair and was in the Widow pose! I was like, 'Yes! My signature move!' I love that stuff."

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