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Scarlett Johansson’s fame pain

Scarlett Johansson dislikes the attention that comes with her fame and describes it as a "drag".

The American actress made her film debut at just nine years old in the 1994 feature North and has since starred in hit films such as Lost in Translation and Match Point.

While she loves acting Scarlett admits she feels overwhelmed with the attention which comes with her star status and often finds it difficult to relate to others.

"I feel incredibly fortunate at having achieved success and am not going to complain about the fame. I love what I do and my film projects fill me as an artist. Everything else, fame and the invasion of privacy, is a headache," she told website "I have many friends who do not have work, that do not get anything on TV, or in ads, or voiceover, so to complain about my loss of anonymity is a little silly. If fame is a nightmare, I know that it is difficult for the public to identify with me because it sounds ridiculous to complain about it. Believe me when I say that fame can be a drag."

The 28-year-old actress has several films in the pipeline including sci-fi flick Under the Skin. Scarlett plays alien seductress Laura in the movie, who preys upon unsuspecting hitch-hikers in Scotland. As part of the role the blonde beauty bares all for the camera and although she felt insecure at first Scarlett knew the move was for a good cause.

"Yes [it was difficult to shoot], I'm not fond of nudism," she explained about stripping off during filming. "Like everyone, I am aware of my body and in this film I put aside prejudices to get into the skin of an alien. I had the collaboration of an artist, as director Jonathan Glazer protected me at all times. The nudity in this film is not exploitative."

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