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Scarlett's speedy near miss

Scarlett Johansson was reportedly dragged along by a speeding cab when a movie stunt went wrong.

The actress has insisted on doing her own stunts for her new movie Lucy, in which she plays a drug mule who acquires superhuman powers. In one sequence set in Taiwan, Scarlett was apparently trying to escape from her enemies by jumping out of a moving cab. However, the stunt almost ended in disaster when her backpack got stuck in the door of the vehicle.

"Suddenly she was being dragged along asphalt," reports National Enquirer. "ScarJo started screaming for her life, the horrified driver slammed on the breaks and the vehicle came to a screeching halt."

The 28-year-old blonde beauty was reportedly left shaken and badly bruised. Worried crew members comforted the star and then helped her back to her trailer.

It seems Scarlett learnt her lesson from the scary incident.

"Filming was halted and a stunt double was brought in to complete the risky scene," the publication added.

Scarlett is no stranger to performing her own stunts. For her role as the Black Widow in The Avengers movie, she insisted on taking part in most of the fight scenes.

Lucy is directed by Luc Besson and sees Scarlett play the title role. Her character becomes superhuman after being exposed to a designer drug and must use her new powers to escape a professor, played by Morgan Freeman, who is hunting her.

The movie is slated for release next year.

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