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Scherzinger 'swaps numbers with Jamie Campbell Bower'

Nicole Scherzinger was reportedly very flattered when she heard Jamie Campbell Bower praising her.

The 36-year-old singer has been single since splitting from her on/off boyfriend Lewis Hamilton for good in February. It's now thought she could have a new man in her sights, after she overheard Jamie Campbell Bower praising her at the Olivier Awards last month.

"He told his friends backstage that he thought Nicole was stunning," an insider told British magazine Heat.

It's thought the singer overheard the comments, or at least someone who was there let her in on the gossip. But rather than simply smile to herself, Nicole decided to take things a step further. She apparently decided she wanted to find the 26-year-old star so she could confront him herself.

"Nic made her car wait for 40 minutes after the ceremony, so she could locate Jamie. She was supposed to leave straight afterwards, but was determined to meet him. She went into the after-party, and when she found him they exchanged numbers," the insider said.

Nicole and Lewis, 30, got together in 2007 but their relationship was rocky and involved several breakups. It's thought the main bone of contention was Lewis' unwillingness to tie the knot.

Although pair have insisted they will be friends publicly, it's thought Nicole was unhappy when Lewis seemingly played down their split in an interview earlier this year.

"She was doing a good job of moving on, but these comments have really upset her," a source sighed to British magazine Star.

"She doesn't understand how he can be 'stronger than ever' when they were an item for so long. It's making her question their whole relationship."

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