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Scherzinger’s endorsement controversy

Nicole Scherzinger is said to have "risked" a major endorsement with Müller yogurt.

The former Pussycat Dolls singer posted a photo of herself online with boyfriend Lewis Hamilton at London supermarket Waitrose earlier this week.

But bosses at Müller yogurt, who hired the star to promote the brand last year, took notice of Nicole’s basket, which clearly showed her stocking up on Total’s Greek yogurt instead.

A spokesperson declined to comment directly on the mix-up, but stated the company would “make sure Nicole always has supplies” in a statement to UK newspaper The Sun.

A source told the outlet, however, that the photo could have “risked” any ongoing work with the food company.

“Nicole’s never been to Waitrose so Lewis took the lead. Not much thought went into choosing a yoghurt but it could have cost Nicole dearly,” the insider said.

A spokesperson for Nicole had not commented on the claims at press time.

The 36-year-old has meanwhile been focused on promoting her new album, Big Fat Lie, and recently announced she would be appearing in London’s West End musical Cats.

She recently opened up about her new record, and has called writing it a “cathartic experience”.

“Sometimes you wonder what you’re doing it all for. Sometimes you feel so alone," she told UK newspaper The Mirror last month.

"But I’ve turned to music and I feel like it’s taught me a lot.”

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