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Schumer: Letting someone love you is hard

Amy Schumer doesn’t think the behaviour that her character displays in Trainwreck is healthy.

The comedienne took inspiration from her own life when writing new film Trainwreck, which she also stars in. In the movie, her character Amy sleeps around but the 34-year-old doesn’t think it’s a good way to approach life.

“This is based on my life. Personally, with all the alcohol and sleeping around, that was my behavior when I was in a lot of pain,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “And I lost my self-esteem. I don’t think personally that behaviour is healthy. The character’s arc, which was also my arc, is it’s really hard to let someone love you. I think the journey that Amy goes through is that at the end she looks at herself and realises that she is worthy of love and she can modify her behaviour.”

It took Amy in real life a long time to realise this, and so continued on a path of self destruction. But the star soon acknowledged that it wasn’t just herself that her behaviour was affected.

“I thought Samantha, the character in Sex and the City, if one of my friends were behaving like her, I would take her to the hospital,” she continued. “And for me that’s what I went through. And I realised I wasn't just hurting myself, but I was hurting everybody around me, including the people closest to me, for watching me be that destructive.”

During her chat with the outlet, Amy also elaborated on her recent press conference with second cousin and Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer where they discussed gun control. Amy had spoken out on the subject after two women were killed at a Louisiana movie theatre by a gun man while watching Trainwreck on July 23.

“You know it’s really not my area of expertise but it really upset me. In terms of what’s going on in our Congress and why this has been such an ongoing issue is very frustrating,” she said, before adding why she thinks America can’t get a grasp on gun control issues. “I think it’s money.”

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