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Schwarzenegger ‘not over the hill’

Arnold Schwarzenegger appreciates the fact people still view him as a tough guy in his golden years.

The 66-year-old Terminator star is still living up to his name as an action legend, as he is releasing four films in that genre this year.

And Arnold appreciates the fact his fanbase isn’t treating him like an old man.

“I feel very honoured that I’m not looked upon as some old guy who is over the hill,” he told British newspaper The Sun. “That can happen to actors very quickly.”

Arnold doesn’t think he needs to compare his life to anyone else’s in order to be happy.

The star accepts himself and he fully embraces his flaws.

“I’m not jealous of anybody. I love being me.”

Arnold recently released Sabotage, an action picture in which he portrays a ruthless Drug Enforcement Administration agent.

The Austrian superstar was the state of California’s governor from 2003 to 2011, and he has an open view on whether government should legalise all drugs.

“There is a whole new way of thinking now regarding the legalisation of drugs,” he said.

“You start with that and you see if that works out, then you can go and add things to that list.”

Sabotage, which also stars Sam Worthington, was criticised by some audiences for its extremely violent scenes.

But Arnold thinks what was depicted in the film is indicative of the brutality police face everyday.

“If you do a film about infiltrating the drug cartel then you will have exactly that, very graphic violence. They will go after your family. They will go after everybody,” he said.

“Police officers get killed during the line of duty. I have gone to all the funerals as Governor and they are very sad.

“You see then why you admire these guys so much, it’s such a selfless job.”

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