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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Scodelario ‘petrified’ filming underwater

Kaya Scodelario

Kaya Scodelario was terrified doing scenes 30 ft deep in water for Truth About Fishes.

The 21-year-old actress was required to record scenes in a dark body of water 30 ft deep as was scared because of her natural reactions.

Kaya stars as Emanuel in the Truth About Fishes movie, which also stars Jessica Biel.

“It was terrifying at first, it was absolutely petrifying! We were in a 30 ft deep tank it was pitch black and we had to film right at the bottom of it,” she explained. “So your senses start to go, your ears pop and you feel your chest getting heavy so I was scared of it all but I had a really good trainer I learnt to properly scuba dive and relax my breathing.”

After getting passed the initial feelings she was even ready to film a second day in H2O.

However the action made her extremely tired and she need plenty of rest as a result.

“It was really really fun to do, but I was a bit exhausted we did two days in the tank and by the end of it I sat in my hotel room and just wanted to sleep!” she exclaimed.

The former Skins star is no stranger to playing complex and psychological roles, and revealed she already had some of what she needed to pull off the part.

She actually enjoyed her dark portrayal and encourages stars her age to get involved with similar projects.

“I think every human being has a bit of it in them, I think we all have moments where we think we’re not normal and I think there’s no such thing as normal anyway, so I think it is quite fun to tap into that,” she added.

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