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Scott Eastwood embraces ageing

Scott Eastwood thinks it's ridiculous when people try to stay young.

The 29-year-old actor is the son of Hollywood star Clint and initially used his mother's last name, Reeves, when he started out in the film industry.

Now he's appearing in blockbusters such as The Longest Ride and Fury and has switched to his superstar surname.

With his 84-year-old father still going strong, Scott hopes his career will have the same level of longevity. In fact, he shuns the idea that ageing is a negative thing, a prevalent perception in Hollywood.

"If you eat well and do your exercises to stay fit, you can celebrate every age," he smiled to

"Every decade you're allowed to experience is a reason to be happy. I know a lot of people try to stay young by pumping themselves full of Botox. What a load of rubbish - you have to accept yourself the way you are. That's how my father has always lived."

Scott's star is steadily on the rise and he's got projects Snowden and Diablo in post-production, while he's currently filming action adventure Suicide Squad.

However, he doesn't see himself as a fully blown celebrity yet.

"I don't even know what that is," he admitted. "That's just something you get stamped with. I just try to make good movies and work hard. I can't do any more than that and what gets written or said about me is something I don't have any influence over anyway."

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