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Scott Eastwood: My friends rip me apart!

Scott Eastwood doesn’t think it’s healthy to be “one-dimensional”.

Although the 28-year-old actor is the son of Clint Eastwood, who is arguably one of the most famous men in Hollywood, Scott has maintained a humble attitude.

And the star credits his loved ones with keeping him grounded.

“I’m lucky. I’ve got a lot of friends that will call me on all my bullsh*t! They’ll just rip me to shreds,” Scott revealed in Issue 8 of Treats! magazine. “They don’t care if I’m in movies or tending bar. Whatever I’m doing, I think good friends and family are key.”

Scott also believes he needs to pursue several interests at a time in order to remain down to earth.

Being singularly focused on acting doesn’t appeal to him.

“It’s good to have drive, and know what you want to do. But not to have your happiness wrapped up in that,” Scott explained. “You’ve got to do other things. You don’t want to be one-dimensional.”

Scott has made quite a career for himself since starring in his 2006 breakout film Flags of Our Fathers.

He has also starred in his father’s flick Invictus and he landed a role in 2014 war movie Fury opposite Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf.

But Scott didn’t rely on his famous name to win gigs when he first started acting.

“When I was younger, I thought that was a big thing. I had a lot of pride. I wanted to earn it on my own merit. And not have people say it’s because of a name,” he noted. “But the reality is people are going to say whatever the f*** they want anyway! You can’t control that. At some point you say, “F*** it. That’s my dad’s last name, that’s my legacy.”

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