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Scott 'worried Kourtney doesn't listen'

Kourtney Kardashian is allegedly worried she is losing partner Scott Disick.

The reality star is currently pregnant with the couple's third child. The revelation to Scott, 31, was recently played out on the family's Keeping Up with the Kardashian's show. But a source claims Scott's less-than-impressed reaction wasn't just for the cameras.

"Scott says he feels like a sperm donor," a source told British magazine Heat. "He feels like Kourt doesn't listen to him - even when he said he only wanted two kids."

During the episode Kourtney, 35, admitted she had to work up the courage to tell her boyfriend of seven years. She was apprehensive about "setting him off" because he had been so depressed after the deaths of both his parents in the space of a few weeks earlier this year. The entrepreneur turned back to his partying ways, going missing for a day after a trip to Mexico and ended up in hospital for alleged alcohol poisoning after a night out in the Hamptons back in June.

"Kourtney is worried about Scott," the source continued. "Both his parents dying really messed with his head. He's struggling and saying he wants to get away from the show, and it's driving a wedge between him and Kourt. She's also really worried that he's going to leave. He's been talking a lot about taking off travelling and she felt like he was slipping away from her. She knows he'd never walk out on her when she was pregnant or had a small baby."

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