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Seal feeling 'extremely emotional'

Seal feels wracked with emotions in the midst of his separation from Heidi Klum.

The estranged husband and wife announced that they were dissolving their seven-year marriage earlier this week.

Seal admits that he is very down in spirits at the moment and music only exaggerates his mood.

"I'm not really listening to anything right now because music is one of those things that is extremely emotional and there's enough emotion going on in my life right now," Seal told Extra. "I sang Let's Stay Together on [The Ellen DeGeneres Show] the other day, and it was a strange conflict there. It was a very tough song to sing but at the same time probably my most heartfelt experience ever singing a song."

Seal unabashedly proclaims his love for Heidi in the midst of their split.

"While I'm not in the habit of washing our linen in public, I also have nothing to hide," the singer explained. "We both love each very much. But as often happens, you just grow apart. There is nothing shameful about that. And believe me, the last thing I want to do right now is to be going around and talking about our private life."

Seal and Heidi still live together with their four children. They are very warm with one another and are considerate of their family's needs.

"You [sever ties] in the kindest, most gentle and understanding way you can. Luckily for us and also for them, our differences have never really been on display in front of the children," Seal shared. "We live under the same roof. We are both very loving in front of them because the truth of the matter is that we do love each other."

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