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Sean Penn 'furious with son'

Sean Penn is said to be upset about the altercation his teenage son had with a photographer earlier this week.

Earlier this week, the actor and 19-year-old Hopper were entering a building in Beverly Hills, California, when the teenager got into an altercation with an African-American paparazzo. Hopper was caught on camera hurling racial and homophobic slurs at the man and later apologised for his language to TMZ.

Sean has fought with photographers in the past and was ordered to take anger management classes after one altercation. He is apparently keen to show the public how hard some members of the paparazzi make the lives of stars and fears his son has not helped the cause.

"Sean obviously is no stranger to run-ins with the press, paparazzi and even over intrusive fans... But what made him angry with Hopper was that when he called the paparazzo all those horrible names - using language that was totally inappropriate - it undercut the whole point of how those sleazy paparazzi make the lives of celebrities so uncomfortable," an insider told Chicago Sun-Times.

Sean apparently walked straight past the scrum of photographers in Los Angeles on Tuesday. He fully expected his son to do the same thing and was shocked when he realised what had happened.

"Now, Hopper has had to apologise - as he should - and all the focus is on his behaviour and not that of the guy who was getting in his face taking those photos," the source added.

During the incident, Hopper was heard swearing and calling the paparazzo rude names. He is also said to have "violently rammed" the man, who is not thought to be pressing charges.

“[I was] accosted by paparazzi and made to feel like an animal threatened under attack," he later said.

“That does not condone my own actions. I deeply regret my choice of words."

Hopper is Sean's son with his ex-wife Robin Wright.

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