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Sean Penn's hijinks with famous friends

Sean Penn has recalled some amusing stories involving his famous friends.

In 1981 the two megastars were only just beginning their movie careers with roles in drama Taps.

Appearing alongside them was Billy Van Zandt, who happened to be a massive fan of Lucille, who was a huge Hollywood actress in the 30s. The 54-year-old decided to take a drive with his two colleagues to see the movie icon's home.

"I took him to Lucille Ball's house because a friend of mine... he was in the movie with us and, generationally it didn't make much sense, he was our age, but this guy was a fanatic Lucille Ball guy," he laughed to chat show host Jimmy Kimmel.

"I thought it would be fun to watch Tom see [Billy's] fandom of Lucille Ball by going along with stalking Lucille Ball's house."

Sean clarified that they didn't attempt crawling through her windows and that Billy's reaction to being outside his idol's home was unimpressive, as he'd been there "many times before".

Further namedropping his famous friends, Sean addressed a recent story about a double date he had with Mike Tyson and his wife, while still married to Madonna. They went to see 1988's Big Top Pee-wee, but the men nodded off after having a few too many drinks beforehand.

"We both spent the night defending [to our wives] that we hadn't fallen in love with the leading lady, because we didn't see her!" he laughed. "I guess she was quite sensational and charismatic, but we didn't see her. There was a lot of suspicion!"

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