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Sebastian Stan: 'I've finally embraced social media'

Sebastian Stan feels more of a need to connect with fans nowadays.

Sebastian Stan can't live without social media, despite previously shunning it.

The Captain America star has nearly a million followers on Instagram, where he regularly keeps fans up to date on his daily antics. It wasn't always this way though, as Sebastian admits he didn't warm up to the new means of communication straight away.

"Well, I was so against social media for such a long time, but now I can’t live without it," he told U.S. GQ Style magazine. "It’s part of the world that we’re in now, it really is. I understand the way that it fits into my business, in all of our businesses. Like the other night at the CFDA Awards, where I went with Todd Snyder; it was a great opportunity. A) It was a fun night, and B) It’s a great partnership. And then I feel like you have to connect with fans; individual connection is important. It never used to be that way."

Sebastian continued to point out how times have changed, and that it used to be the case that the less people knew about their favourite film stars, the more roles they could play. But he can see the upsides in social media and he treasures the connections he makes using it, with kind messages and fan artwork especially "humbling".

Most of the time the handsome 33-year-old can go about his daily errands in New York without being noticed, but there are occasions in which he does interact with his followers.

"Today I did run into a fan on the street that I recognise from some of the conventions," he said. "Some of the fans are so loyal you end up seeing them again and again at different things. So I ran into her on the street, and you always think, 'Oh, hey. I thought I know you'. But then you think... 'Is this really a coincidence?' I never try to share my location, you know?"

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