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Selena Gomez reflects on ‘seasonal’ relationships

Singer-and-actress Selena Gomez says losing touch with people she used to love is just part of becoming an adult.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Selena Gomez admits some people in her life have been “seasonal”.

The star had a well-documented romance with pop heartthrob Justin Bieber which finally came to an end in 2014. Now Selena has had time to reflect on her past relationships and has made peace with people who may have hurt her in the past. Her new album Revival makes it clear that she is in a different place in her life, and when quizzed about apparent references to Justin in her lyrics, Selena insists she simply wants to show people she’s happy now.

“You can try to work on things and fix them, but at the end of the day, you have to accept what is in front of you, and that's sometimes hard to do,” Selena told when asked if gritty song Same Old Love is based on personal experiences. “I think there are people who have been in my life who are seasonal. Even people who I have dated have been just that. It's part of growing up.”

Selena wishes people would stop bringing up her past and accept she has moved on from that phase in her life. She admits it was hurtful to have her emotions scrutinised in public when she split from Justin, but doesn’t hold any grudges towards her ex.

“Of course I got my heart broken,” she explained. “Of course I was p**sed about it. There, everybody has it. I was so disappointed, because I never wanted my career to be a tabloid story…

“At this point, there is no anger. There's closure in a very good, healthy ways. We’ve seen each other. I'm always encouraging and I am proud of his journey. I think people are making it out to be something that is more tragic than it really was. We grew up together. We both made mistakes. That's it.”

Selena first found fame as a Disney star, but hopes her new album will convince critics to take her seriously. She has raised eyebrows following the release of Revival, with several of her new songs containing raunchy lyrics and her topless pose for the cover. The singer-and-actress has no regrets when it comes to her new image, insisting she isn’t ashamed to share her desires.

“It's not something where I'm like, let me glorify what I do in the bedroom,” Selena explained. “But I think I have a very healthy perspective on my sexuality. It's part of being an adult, and I'm still figuring out how to be one of those, too.”

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