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Selma Blair: I’m teaching my son gun safety

Selma Blair won’t allow her little boy to play with his toy gun outside.

Actress Selma Blair was reluctant to buy her son a toy gun but is determined to teach him how to play respectfully around his friends.

The Cruel Intentions star's four-year-old son Arthur, with former beau, fashion designer Jason Bleick, is planning to hit the streets on Halloween as a policeman, but his worried mum insists he won’t have a toy gun in his holster.

“I bought him a cap gun and I talked about it with his dad, and it’s taken very seriously,” the star told People. “I won’t let him carry around the play gun for Halloween. He doesn’t get to carry it around outside."

But little Arthur is hooked on guns: "He would take a flower and break it and turn it into a gun - bang bang," Selma explained. "I mean, that’s his thing. So whether I bought him a gun or not, he finds a way to do it.”

Now that Arthur has a replica weapon of his own, Selma is doing her best to educate her son about the dangers of real firearms. Having worked with them from time to time during her career, Selma isn’t a fan of guns but had to find a safe way to fulfil her son’s interest in them.

“I’m new at navigating this. He only plays with this cap gun with Mom or Dad around, and he seems to respect it so far and understands that these are plastic toys and we don’t shoot people,” she continued. “I am someone that is terrified of guns, I know how to shoot one very well. My sister was a police officer and I have tremendous respect and caution around guns, but it is something he was drawn to.”

Arthur isn’t the only one to have his Halloween costume sorted; his mum will be embracing fancy dress too. While some stars go sexy for the holiday, Selma is keeping things practical.

“I think I will be a nun because it’s comfy,” she laughed. “It’s like wearing a Snuggie.”

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