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Selma 'threatening to sue Sheen'

Selma Blair is reportedly asking to be paid the wages she would have received had she not been written out of Anger Management.

The actress starred as Kate in Charlie Sheen's latest TV show, a therapist and Charlie's character's love interest.

Earlier this year it was alleged Selma and Charlie had fallen out after she criticised his work ethic. He was said to be fuming with the comments and reportedly asked for her to be booted from the show. Selma was eventually written out - although this week Charlie insisted it was because the show wasn't working and that it had nothing to do with their working relationship.

In the latest twist it has been claimed Selma is considering bringing a lawsuit against Charlie and Lionsgate Entertainment.

"Our sources say Selma's now demanding the $1.2 mil she would have made if she would have continued working... and if she doesn't get it she's filing a lawsuit," reports TMZ.

Selma reportedly complained that she and the rest of the cast and crew had to wait on set while Charlie learnt his lines. It is claimed that Charlie - who portrays Charlie Goodson on the show - is in all 12 of each episode's scenes, with Selma only featuring in three or four. It means he has over 40 pages of lines to learn for each episode.

"When you work 12 hours a day and have three girlfriends at home, it's hard to memorise all the lines for tomorrow," a source claimed to the site.

Apparently there were plans to write Selma out of the programme even before Charlie heard she was unhappy with his behaviour on set, with claims her exit was sped up after the two fell out.

At the moment it's thought lawyers are working on reaching a settlement.

This week, Charlie explained Selma had to leave the show as audience feedback hadn't been great. The actor's wild real-life love life is well documented and his character on Two and a Half Men, which he was booted from in 2011, was a womaniser. The star insisted that was what viewers of Anger Management wanted to see.

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