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Seth Rogen: I'd have weird kids with Rihanna

Seth Rogen has joked he'd mate with Rihanna for "humanity's sake" if they found themselves the only two people left on Earth.

The funnyman stars in, helped direct and co-wrote This Is the End, a comedy about an apocalypse that strikes during a house party.

Rihanna makes a cameo during the movie and Seth agrees that he would need to mate with the pop beauty if they were the only two people left on Earth.

"That would be my prime concern. For humanity's sake," he deadpanned in an interview with BBC Radio 1. "Me and Rihanna would have strange looking babies."

Seth was asked by a fan on the show what three possessions he'd take with him should he find himself facing the end of the world. The star mused over the question for a while, before answering: "I'd try to get a tank and a large piece of weaponry. I wouldn't need anything else. A large armoured vehicle. And that's it."

Seth is currently on the international promo tour for This Is the End and landed in the UK on Saturday morning after a trip to Sydney.

The comedy actor laughed off having such a gruelling schedule.

"It's funny when you see famous people completely out of it on promo tours and they seem drunk. Which I'm not right now," he jokingly assured.

Seth had an "awesome" time Down Under. The star was told by Radio 1 host Nick Grimshaw that Russell Brand claimed the country doesn't exist in an interview on the show yesterday.

"I can confirm it does. There's no chance he hasn't slept with someone from there," he cheekily quipped.

This Is the End boasts an all-star comedy cast including Jonah Hill and James Franco. The actors play themselves on-screen which Seth admits made for an interesting atmosphere at times.

"I'm sure feelings were hurt. We'd make fun of each other a lot. I know I was offended from time to time," he laughed.

"It was only good fun. It made for a good atmosphere. We were very nice to each other off camera and I thought it counter-balanced itself. There was lots of apologising after takes!

"I felt like a babysitter at times, like a kindergarten teacher. I was wrangling them into paying attention. You just say action and they stop what they are doing though."

Seth has amassed a legion of fans since starring in a string of hit comedy movies. A few people have sent him pictures of themselves tattooed with him on their bodies, which he finds hilarious.

"You will regret that!" he exclaimed. "There's a zero per cent chance you won't. I will do something to make you regret that!"

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