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Seth Rogen: James Franco got bar mitzvahed!

James Franco got bar mitzvahed at a friend’s house on Friday, according to Seth Rogen.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Seth Rogen is trying to organise a hora for James Franco now he has had his bar mitzvah.

The Interview co-stars are close friends, and Seth revealed earlier this month (Oct15) that he wanted to circumcise the Oscar nominee as part of his Hilarity for Charity benefit. The event raises money for Alzheimer's and while Jame's manhood seemingly remains intact at the moment, he has started the process of converting to Judaism.

“He did his actual bar mitzvah last night,” Seth told Vulture. “The Rabbi wouldn’t do it on the actual event, so he did it last night at our friend’s house and we filmed it and we’ll show it at our fund-raiser. He really got bar mitzvahed!"

Seth had a picture of the occasion on his phone which he showed the outlet. The 37-year-old was seen wearing a tallis prayer shawl and kippah while reading from a Torah scroll.

His friend is now planning the big event, and hopes to get a big dance going on at the fundraiser.

“I’m trying to organize a hora, specifically with some Jewish, uh, pop singers," the 33-year-old laughed. "If there’s any singer who’s Jewish, we’re getting them in there. Lisa Loeb. I think Haim is Jewish, I’m not sure. But yeah, we’ll find them."

The pair faced a lot of criticism for The Interview, which focused on a talk show host and his producer tasked with the job of assassinating North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. However James didn’t understand why the comedy faced so many hurdles.

“It's a genuinely funny movie, but the older crowd also had these weird expectations that it would be Zero Dark Thirty or (based on the manhunt of Osama bin Laden) something, when I think what Seth and Evan (Goldberg, co-writer and co-director) did – which was great – was blend their normal, genuinely funny comedy with a subject that is pretty serious," James outlined to The Daily Beast back in January.

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