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Seth Rogen: Men have hard life

Seth Rogen thinks it's tough for men to communicate their emotions without it being labelled "gay".

The comedy genius stars in, co-wrote and co-directed This Is the End, a film about an apocalypse that strikes during a house party.

James Franco, Michael Cera and Jonah Hill also feature, with all actors playing heightened versions of themselves. Seth was keen to really show their close friendships.

"I think emotionally guys do have a hard time relating to each other and as soon as you have them do it in a movie people's instinct is to say, 'Oh it's gay'. No it's not; it's just guys relating their emotions to one another," he explained to Australia's The Age.

"When we write it we never really are thinking that's the joke. It's just... how they feel, who's jealous, who likes who, and to us it's never a gay joke, it's just an emotional joke - that these guys care so much about each other and they're afraid to express it. That, to us, is more what's funny about it.''

James, who is known for his "pretentious" artistic hobbies, bears the brunt of the jokes.

Seth enjoyed the opportunity to wind up his pal.

"We got his character wrong when we first wrote it," he laughed.

"We focused more on the Gucci model, jetsetter, slick version of James Franco. And he was like, 'No, that's not what people make fun of. They make fun of the art, they make fun of the fact that everyone thinks I'm gay.'"

Emma Watson also stars in the film, while popstar Rihanna has a cameo.

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