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Seth Rogen on how to be condescending

Actor Seth Rogen has opened up about how he got into character as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak for Steve Jobs.

Actor Seth Rogen would be instantly enraged if someone suggested he have a mimosa when he was already irritated.

The 33-year-old is promoting his new movie Steve Jobs at the moment, where he portrays the co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak. Michael Fassbender stars as the title character and doesn't take Wozniak very seriously, leading to a few painful exchanges.

"He’s just consistently so condescending," Seth told "He calls Woz 'little buddy' and stuff like that. He refers to him as Rain Man off-camera at one point. There’s a part where I’m really mad at him and he tells me to have a mimosa. I think that’s one of the most condescending things you can say to somebody... have a mimosa! It's the most dismissive thing you can say."

Seth spent time with Steve in order to get in character and he's proud to have picked up on some of the computer expert's mannerisms, including a very specific way of talking with his hands. The two guys decided against just sitting around chatting though and instead tried some activities. This included visiting a place called Magic Castle in Los Angeles, which is a club for magicians. The men brought their wives along for the "truly marathon hang session" which lasted seven hours and culminated in a surprising discovery.

"At the end of the night - there’s valet parking there - and my wife and I were like, 'We’ll walk you to the valet,'" Seth recalled. "And Wozniak and his wife are like, 'Oh, actually we rode Segways here.' And leaned up against the corner of the parking lot were two Segways. He and his wife got on them, and they don’t have headlights so he was literally holding a flashlight in one hand and operating a Segway in the other, and they just zipped off into the night."

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