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Seth Rogen: Streisand is hilarious

Seth Rogen says Barbra Streisand "cracked him up" on the set of their new film.

The comedian joked about how he bonded with the legendary Hollywood star while shooting The Guilt Trip.

In the movie, award-winning singer and actress Barbra plays Seth's mother, and the chemistry they have off screen is not unlike the one they share in the comedy flick.

"She cracked me up quite a bit," Seth joked to Screen Crave. "The way we talk in real life is not entirely different than our rapport in the movie in some ways. But we're getting along… It's a lotta me trying to explain to things about modern times. And her trying to feed me. And yet we get along - we get along very well. "

Seth also confessed that Barbra influenced his cell phone preferences during the filming of The Guilt Trip.

The 30-year-old funny man laughed as he recalled how the 70-year-old actress convinced him to get an iPhone after he saw her prowess with the device.

"She had an iPhone before me. I had a Blackberry. And then she was always playing games on her iPhone," Seth continued. "It's like I gotta get one of these. If Barbra can work an iPhone, it's gotta be fun."

Seth says his relationship with his real-life mother is similar to the one he enjoyed with Barbra. The jovial star joked how it was the misunderstandings between the mother and son characters that attracted him to the role as it mirrored his own experiences with his family.

"Yeah, my mom drives me crazy sometimes. I have a good relationship. I see my parents a lot. But, yeah it's a lot like in the movie. For no reason I'll get annoyed and I'll just find myself reverting back to a mentality of like a 14-year-old kid who just doesn't wanna be around his parents," Seth revealed. "One of the things I related to most in the script honestly was that dynamic where your mother's trying and the more she tries, the more it bugs you. And the more it bugs you the more she tries. And you like see her trying to say the thing that won't annoy you and she can't and, all that is, at times, very real to my relationship with my mother."

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