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Seyfried and Fox have 'similar kissing style'

Amanda Seyfried still things it's a shame that "the masses didn't show up" to her 2009 movie with Megan Fox Jennifer's Body.

The two stars appeared alongside each other in 2009 movie Jennifer's Body, about a cheerleader who starts killing her male classmates. Amanda and Megan shot sexy sequences for the release, with Amanda still unsure why the flick didn't fare better at the box office.

"We kissed really well together,” she told W magazine. “We have similar kissing styles! If I watch the scene, it’s actually really sexy… We got it done for the masses, and, sadly, the masses didn’t show up.”

In the past, Amanda has spoken with glee about sex scenes. While some stars shy away from such intimate moments, the 28-year-old once insisted they are "fun" and "great" to shoot.

Nowadays, the actress is a little more reticent. She is dating actor Justin Long at the moment and as she's got older she's realised it's important to hold back on discussing some parts of her life.

"It may be that I’m older, and it may be that social media is everywhere now," she mused.

"I don’t think I was really famous until last year - and I felt like no one paid much attention to what I was doing. That was good. But Les Mis [2012 movie Les Misérables] was an international hit, and that changed things. Before, I was a little more anonymous."

Amanda is proud to have made such varied career choices over the years. She appeared as adult movie star Linda Lovelace in 2013's Lovelace, showed off her singing voice in Les Misérables and appeared in TV drama Big Love which was about a polygamist.

The small screen series will always have a special place in Amanda's heart as she won it when she was still a teenager. Big Love ran between 2006 and 2011 and she sees it as a turning point in her life.

"Everything major in my life began on Big Love,” she said. “I was a teenager when I booked that part, and acting was definitely not the most important thing to me then. I was undecided about my career: I could have been a waitress in Allentown for the rest of my life! But Big Love cemented my feelings for acting.

"Acting kind of bit me in the butt... Now, I’m at the mercy of my calling. I was lucky back then and a little naive. Now I’m addicted. Addicted and scared but never bored. I get to be other people all the time, and there is nothing dull about that.”

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