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Seyfried: Please like me!

Amanda Seyfried would rather eat a salad with a hair on it than complain at a restaurant.

The actress is currently promoting her new movie Lovelace, in which she plays real-life porn star Linda Lovelace. While she didn't flinch shooting sex scenes for the film, she does find confronting people deeply embarrassing.

"I get embarrassed when people confront each other. It’s the most uncomfortable thing," she said in an interview with Stylistt. "No [I don't challenge people], unless I’m protecting somebody. But, for example, if someone were to confront a waitress, I would just let it go. I mean, you don’t want hair on your food but I would just eat it. I hate it when people complain about things. I have a hard time insulting, hurting or creating any kind of tension because I'm a people pleaser and I’m desperate for people to like me. But I’m definitely not afraid to say what I think."

The 27-year-old star admits she even buries her own opinions in order to fit in. She wishes she had more courage to express her true beliefs, rather than trying to please others all the time.

"If people are telling me an opinion, I’m like, 'me too' because I never want to bump heads with people," she confessed. "Yeah, it’s silly. What’s wrong with me having an opinion? Why am I so afraid of myself sometimes? I just want to be easy. I don’t want to be a pain in the ass to anybody."

Although Amanda may prefer to be part of the crowd in group situations, she has no problems being straightforward when it comes to dating. The blonde was recently romantically linked to actor Justin Long.

"Yeah. I tell people what I need," she replied when asked if she speaks up around a boyfriend.

While discussing her role in Lovelace, Amanda has grown used to answering questions about sex and the porn industry. When asked if she will have to swot up on a new subject after her promotional duties end, her thoughts turned to nature.

"Turtles make a really weird noise when they’re having sex, by the way. YouTube it. There’s a bunch of videos. It’s something you should get into," she laughed.

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