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Shailene ‘lives out of suitcase’

Shailene Woodley says her free-spirited nature was largely spurred on by her bout with scoliosis as a teenager.

The 22-year-old Divergent star purchased a home in Los Angeles, but she doesn’t live there.

Shailene gave the property to her grandmother and the star is happy she isn’t anchored by a permanent residence.

“I haven’t left any trails. I’m just moving around, staying with different friends. I live out of a suitcase by choice,” she laughed to UK newspaper The Independent, noting her belongings are stored at her mother’s house.

“I’ve never really wanted possessions or stuff. I even got rid of my phone although now I have one again.”

Shailene believes her free-spirited nature is largely inspired by her bout with scoliosis as a teenager.

The brunette beauty wore a back brace for two years in an effort to realign her spine.

“No life is ever guaranteed so I feel like it’s just important to enjoy and to be open to every moment because it’s all so fleeting and temporary,” she shared.

Shailene is Hollywood’s new ‘It’ girl, but she doesn’t personally view herself as someone who is traditionally associated with that title.

If she wasn’t an actor, the star could take up many alternative professional paths.

“I am interested in herbalism and indigenous cultures and am just very passionate about the earth,” Shailene said.

“I could live in the wilderness. At the moment I’m passionate about food and the process of growing it, eating it and seeing how your body reacts. I don’t think I’ve eaten McDonalds since I was nine.”

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