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Shailene’s dating rules

Shailene Woodley had some strict rules which her high school boyfriend had to listen to before she’d agree to date him.

The 22-year-old actress has opened up about her love life, revealing her first boyfriend was when she was at school. She didn’t make things easy for the unnamed guy though, as he had some habits she couldn’t get on board with.

“A boy in high school. I was… well, I wasn’t nerdy, but I was very studious. I was the good girl sitting in the Spanish class, and the guy sitting behind me was the cool kid, who suddenly started to lift up my chair and to ease me in a very flirtatious way,” she told Company magazine. “He kept on asking me for a date, and that was the first time anyone had paid me any sort of attention – so it was an exciting time. He liked to smoke pot and I told him, ‘If you stop smoking pot for a week you can take me out on a date.’ Eventually he did – and we began a relationship. We’re now best friends, which is really cool.”

Shailene’s first real taste of Hollywood came after she appeared in the 2011 movie The Descendants, alongside George Clooney. She’d actually been acting for 13 years before then, but managed to fly under the radar. That’s the way the star likes it and she can’t imagine ever leading the glitzy life some A-listers do.

“I don’t really participate in any of the hoopla,” she explained. “I lead a fairly low-key life – I’m a beach girl and the idea of putting on a dress and heels when I could be on the beach just doesn’t appeal to me!”

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