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Sharon O backs up Tori

Sharon Osbourne would have quizzed Ozzy about his infidelities just like Tori Spelling.

The reality television star has been the subject of scandal in recent weeks after confirming on her reality show True Tori that her husband, Dean McDermott, cheated on her with another woman.

In a new promo clip, Tori is seen describing how she asked Dean to relay his entire weekend with his mistress in detail before he checked into rehab for “health and personal issues”.

Despite critics saying the estranged couple are putting too much of their personal lives out there, Sharon said on Wednesday she would have handled the situation in a very similar way.

“My heart breaks for her it really does,” Sharon said on her US chat show The Talk.

“She’s a mom of four little kids… she obviously loves her husband and she’s giving him a chance… I would want to know everything. I’m with her. I would want to know everything.”

Sharon also said women need to stick together. The wife of rocker Ozzy Osbourne empathises with Tori and urged others not to judge her during this difficult time.

“It’s only a woman who would know what that feels like… it’s a physical pain inside her,” Sharon said. “As a woman you know that pain.”

Tori this week defended going public with the cheating scandal, insisting she wants to “set the record straight” on the reality show following scores of tabloid reports about Dean’s infidelity.

“Our family has been going through an incredibly difficult and trying time, and the story of what I’ve been going through has been told by everyone… except for me,” the former Beverly Hills, 90210 star wrote on her ediTORIAL blog Monday.

“So, it’s time for me to set the record straight. Which is why I decided to share this with all of you on True Tori…” she wrote.

The first episode of the show aired in the US on Tuesday night.

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