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Sharon Osbourne knew Jack might have MS

Sharon Osbourne was aware her son Jack might have multiple sclerosis because of the familiar symptoms.

The 60-year-old The X Factor UK judge reveals details on the moment Jack Osbourne showed real signs of multiple sclerosis.

She told him to travel home immediately so he could get checked out by medical experts.

“It was two weeks after my son’s daughter Pearl was born that he called,” she reveals in her new book Unbreakable according to British newspaper The Sun.

“I have the worst headache,” Jack told her after filming a series on haunted houses where he had been lowered into a lake where a body was buried. “I think it’s because the water was so cold.”

However the following day his symptoms got worse and he called her to complain.

“Mum, I can’t see out of one of my eyes, and my head is still killing me,” he shared.

“You’ve got to see a doctor. Just get on a plane and come home,” Sharon ordered, adding in the literature offering: “I knew straight away it wasn’t good. Jack had also complained previously about a condition he had where his legs got really hot and it felt like he had pins and needles.”

Sharon happened to have carried out research into the illness in because she thought husband Ozzy might have it.

Jack went to see an eye specialist who said it was neurological then the neurologist said he needed an MRI scan.

“Looks like he may have had a stroke,” Sharon writes in the book about the medical outcome.

The TV personality added that her child was “on edge” for his baby and wife Lisa.

Unbreakable is released October 10.

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