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Sharon Osbourne 'reconsidering career'

Sharon Osbourne is reportedly considering quitting TV to care for her son.

Jack Osbourne was recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), shortly after he and his fiancée Lisa Stelly welcomed their now two-month-old daughter Pearl into the world.

Sharon appears on the panel of US chat show The Talk and cried as she spoke about his diagnosis. It's now been claimed she is thinking about drastically changing her life so she can be there for Jack.

"Sharon's serious about wanting out of her contracts. She said it would be the height of show business vanity to keep working as this big TV personality when her child is suffering," a source told National Enquirer.

MS affects the central nervous system and Jack discovered he had it after he went blind in one of his eyes. His symptoms are now getting better but he needs to change his lifestyle to ensure he stays well.

"It's brought out Sharon's mothering instinct in a major way," the source said.

"When Sharon offered to move in Jack practically turned white. He can't imagine having that force of nature under his roof. But Sharon hasn't got where she is by taking no for an answer."

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