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Shay Mitchell: Hale is a handful

Shay Mitchell thinks no one should underestimate her petite co-star Lucy Hale.

The fifth season of Pretty Little Liars premiered with an explosive first episode earlier this week, which saw Lucy's character Aria Montgomery turn badass to defend her on-screen love interest.

Her co-star Shay, 27, says no one should underestimate the pint-sized actress.

"Lucy might be small, but she is not one to mess with," she laughed to E! News.

The teen drama was recently confirmed for a further two series, meaning there will be at least seven. Shay said she, Lucy and co-stars Ashley Benson and Troian Bellisario were all thrilled by the news.

During the interview, Shay answered more questions about her cast mates. She's close to Ashley, 24, but admits the blonde actress can be a handful.

"Ashley and I are always running late, grabbing our breakfast," she laughed, before adding that Ashley is also the biggest prankster on set.

While Lucy might be tough, she's also got a soft side. When asked who would be most likely to flirt with a guest star, Shay said the petite brunette, who is also a country music singer, is always super friendly.

"Not flirt, but who's very welcoming is Lucy," Shay smiled. "She's so cute. She's like, 'Hey y'all!' She's from Tennessee - they're very warm."

Besides her work on the show, Shay also runs a blog with her friend Michaela Blaney. The gorgeous brunette revealed how the venture, which focuses largely on cooking, beauty and shopping, came about.

"It was a passion project between me and my best friend Michaela. We make recipes at home; I love being at home, I'm a homebody," Shay explained.

"We're always trying out new concoctions, going to the farmers' market, trying new places in the city, and it's something we just wanted to put out there for everybody. We're no pro chefs... "

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