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Sheen dodges contempt

Charlie Sheen has reportedly avoided jail time and fines for disrespecting the judge presiding over his custody case.

The Anger Management star slammed the judge presiding over his custody case with ex-wife Brooke Mueller last month, dubbing him "dishonourable judge douchebag" on TMZ Live.

But according to the outlet, the magistrate "gave Charlie a pass", and the actor will not be fined or face jail time for making the disrespectful remark.

Charlie is fighting to keep Brooke from getting custody of their four-year-old twin boys, Bob and Max, in the wake of her highly publicised battle with drug addiction.

The children were taken from Brooke and placed in the care of Charlie's ex-wife Denise Richards earlier this year after Brooke was put under an involuntary psychiatric hold following an overdose.

In November Charlie vented his anger at the judge's decision to grant Brooke her first overnight visit with the boys since her treatment in rehab concluded.

He's also vowed to continue speaking his mind despite violating a gag order in the custody case.

"The only person more idiotic than Brooke in this case is the judge. The Dishonourable Judge Douchebag," Charlie ranted last month.

"He [the judge] wants to put me in jail for trying to save my boys? Go for it, fatty. I'll eat his lunch from jail. One meal he could afford to miss.

"Sanctions Flanctions," he added. "Clearly they've forgotten not to poke this bear."

TMZ reports there was a private hearing on Tuesday, during which Brooke allegedly told the court she "had no interest in pushing the issue" of Charlie's comments about the judicial system.

The actor is expected to be granted two two-hour monitored visitations with his sons, pending approval from the Department of Children and Family services.

Custody could be restored to 50/50 between the parents if the agency gives him good reviews.

The case continues.

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