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Sheen rants at press

Charlie Sheen has attacked the press in his latest Twitter rant, claiming they focus too much on his past antics.

The actor is known for his online rants, and often treats his followers to expletive-laden messages.

His latest outburst at the press comes just hours after an attack on his former manager Mark Burg, in which 48-year-old Charlie referred to him as a "2 dollar w***e traitor".

"hey predictable s**g press outlets! u know why u all suk and still lose every day? bekuz NONE of you have the acumen (look it up) or the nobility to get past the tired descriptions of what someone "once" did," he ranted on an extended tweet sent out to his 10.5million followers.

"how wood u all feel if your mom, to this day "still" called u all, (in front of your best friend and best gal) stinky caca pants gerber eat-urrz??" it'd be a bit annoying and no fun at clubs.

"when u want my Sheenius cooperation; change your tune. otherwise; hash tag #S.a.D. c, (sic)" was how he finished the latest post.

Charlie has hit the headlines in recent months over his ongoing dispute with ex-wife Brooke Mueller as they fight for the custody of their twin boys Bob and Max.

He's also lashed out at another ex-wife, Denise Richards, who took in Charlie's young sons while Brooke was in rehab.

On top of these antics, Charlie was reported to have married his ex-pornstar girlfriend earlier this week.

The Anger Management actor tweeted on Sunday that he'd got hitched to Brett Rossi while on a trip to Iceland. He then claimed the message was a joke directed at Denise.

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