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Sheen ‘shines as a father’

Charlie Sheen regularly puts his children to bed and reads to them, new documents show.

The actress has daughters Sam and Lola with her ex-husband and has also been looking after his four-year-old twins Bob and Max, whose mother is his former spouse Brooke Mueller.

She was given custody of the boys after Brooke was placed under an involuntary hold and then attended rehab for drug addiction. However, Denise has now told the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services that she can no longer care for the twins due to their disturbed and violent behaviour.

A letter Denise wrote to the department has been leaked and along with it she handed in a log of Charlie's visits to the family home. This was apparently included to show the actor is a solid parent and should be allowed visitation with all his children, something Brooke has tried to block.

"Oct 16: The kids all came to my set at work. Charlie met us there. At my dinner break we all ate together," TMZ reports the log reads.

"Oct 20: Charlie and his chef came over and she made brunch for us. Sam had a big project for school he spent time working on that. And also did art with boys."

The document shows Charlie regularly has dinner with Denise and the children and is also often on hand to put the kids to bed. He also enjoys reading to the little ones and went trick or treating with them for Halloween.

Denise has alleged that Bob and Max have been unduly affected by time spent with their mother. She claims to have noticed a shift in their behaviour over the summer, alleging they have been violent towards her daughters, animals and herself.

The actress expressed concern over how unaffected the twins seem when they are causing pain to others. She alleges she has tried to get them appointments with professionals, but has been blocked by Brooke and not been given adequate support by the department.

In court yesterday TMZ reports Brooke tried to get Denise stripped of temporary custody and Charlie of his visitation rights, but that did not go ahead.

Charlie was also reprimanded for talking about the ongoing custody case. Things came to a head last week when he called Brooke an "awful parent" and claimed the twins had suffered "physical and emotional damage" due to her care. He also alleged Bob had been left with a red welt on his face after being with his mother.

Due to the terms of the custody agreement Charlie shouldn't be speaking about it in public, which the judge reiterated yesterday. The actor was warned that if he says anything in the future he will go to jail.

TMZ claims a temporary restraining order was also issued, meaning Charlie can't go within 200 yards of Brooke, get in touch with her or talk about the case publicly.

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