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Sheen 'supportive of Mueller'

Charlie Sheen is reportedly now supportive of Brooke Mueller regaining custody of their children.

The actor and his ex-wife have been fighting a very public legal battle over the care of their four-year-old sons Max and Bob.

Since leaving rehab last year - thought to be her 20th stay - Brooke has been on a mission to regain full custody of the boys, something that Charlie was against.

But it seems the former Two and a Half Men star has had a change of heart.

"Charlie is now signalling that he is supportive of Brooke reinstated as the boys' primary caregiver. He's changed his position since Brooke allowed him to see the twins last week. He plans on filing legal documents in child dependency court in which he voices his support for Brooke," an insider revealed to

Brooke, 36, last week allowed Charlie to visit his boys, and the gesture has acted as an olive branch between the warring former couple.

Bob and Max got to spend two hours with 48-year-old Charlie last week, reports Radar.

But the website claims that one of Brooke's motives behind the reconciliation was that she was "desperate" to get her child support reinstated, which had been halved when she entered rehab.

During her last visit to a rehabilitation centre, Charlie's other ex-wife Denise Richards took the young boys in to live with her, but then was forced to give them up due to their unmanageable behaviour.

Brooke's brother Scott then looked after them.

"[Brooke] is seizing on the good will Charlie has towards her right now, because she knows at any minute it can change. She just wants her sons back and wants to move back into the house with them full-time," the source explained.

Now that he's back on talking terms with Brooke, it seems Charlie has found a new person to rant about on Twitter.

The actor is famed for his online outbursts, and his latest target is US President Barack Obama.

"Mr. President ENOUGH!!! Stop wining and dining Hollywood long enough to STOP the random thrill kill SCHOOL SHOOTINGS!!" he wrote, before saying he was launching an emergency campaign to place "armed protection in and around" every school.

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