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Sheeran talks inspirational father

Ed Sheeran has revealed his tips for finding success in the music industry – work harder than someone you admire.

The 24-year-old singer has achieved huge success with hit songs including The A Team and Thinking Out Loud. And Ed opened up about just what has got him to where he is today in a Twitter question and answer session with fans.

Asked just who was his greatest inspiration as a child, Ed replied with a simple: “Dad”.

Ed has his fair share of celebrity fans, including Elton John, Taylor Swift and Jamie Foxx.

But he also looks up to people in the industry to inspire him – something he says others should do if they hope for similar success.

One fan asked Ed: “What advice could you give to someone wanting to become a successful musician?”

To which Ed replied: “Choose someone you admire and work harder than them.”

The Twitter session also saw Ed reveal some previously unknown facts about himself.

One such detail was just what topping he chooses when he gets a pizza.

“Chips (French fries) on top of the pizza, then roll it up and dip in some ketchup,” Ed replied when questioned about his topping of choice.

Ed recently spoke about just what inspires his hit songs. The redheaded musician is known for his emotive tracks, and said it’s important to bring life experience into his song writing.

"I write songs based on life experience," Ed said. "I write for myself and my music is raw and straight from the heart. Whenever I've written a sad song it's come from a painful experience that comes from a real place and usually I'll start writing within a few hours of that moment. All my music is deeply personal and I think it's good when you can just be yourself and not worry about what other people think."

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