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Shelton: Who’s Benedict Cumberbatch?

Blake Shelton got confused during a game of The Whisper Challenge with Jimmy Fallon.

The country music star was a guest on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night when he was asked by the host to play The Whisper Challenge. The game involves one person wearing headphones with loud music playing while another reads out a phrase on a card which the first person has to try and guess through lip reading. The 38-year-old seemed bemused by the situation but agreed to give it a go, however he was soon stumped when faced with saying the British actors name.

“I don't even know how to say this," he admitted. "Benedict Cumberbatch."

When the 40-year-old host guessed the Oscar-nominated star correctly, Blake was nothing short of incredulous. And despite the fact the Benedict has made his name on hit TV show Sherlock as well as appearing in major films including The Imitation Game and Star Trek Into Darkness, it seems Blake has never crossed paths with him before.

"There is no way! That doesn't even mean anything! Who?! That's a person? I've never even heard of that,” he yelled.

When Jimmy told him he was a “very famous actor”, Blake replied simply "Bullc**p."

The Voice USA coach will hopefully be more familiar with other celebrities as he’s likely to have to mock some during his turn as host on Saturday Night Live this weekend. However he revealed earlier this week that he isn’t worried about the show.

“I'm not really nervous," he insisted in a promotional clip. "I'm a natural at making an a*s out of myself. If that's what this show requires of me, I think I'm gonna nail it."

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