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Short: I go from opera to Sinatra

Martin Short has spoken about his favourite things to sing in the shower.

The 64-year-old Canadian actor enjoys belting out random tunes from time to time.

And Martin finds a steamy bathroom the best place to perform an impromptu solo concert.

“[Last time I sang out loud was] in the shower!” he told People magazine. “I sing all the time. I can go from opera to Sinatra. I’ve sung a lot in my career. I like to vocalise for the pure sake of vocalising.”

Martin also enjoys moving his body for the sake of it.

Whenever he gets the chance to dance, he takes it.

“I danced at my nephew’s wedding in Niagara Falls a few months ago. I love to dance. What am I going to lose? The admiration of strangers? This was in front of family, so they already know the problem,” Martin mused.

However, the Inherent Vice star isn’t a huge fan of cooking.

“I never cook. I'm not a foodie. The only thing I do cook is a grilled-cheese sandwich,” he shared. “I like the idea of eating fancy food, but I prefer the wine. Growing up, the only way my mother could get me to eat a salad was to put mustard on iceberg lettuce.”

Martin doesn’t curse very often.

But when he does use profanity, the star doesn’t think the words he utters are overly profane.

“[The last time I swore], I stepped in a puddle and went, ‘Oh, poo.’ I'm Canadian, so that's a hard-hitting curse for us,” Martin said.

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