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Sienna and ex-fiancé 'put on front for daughter'

Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge finally came to the conclusion that things weren't working, say sources.

News broke last week that the couple had split after four years together. Tom and Sienna became engaged shortly after she became pregnant, and the pair welcomed daughter Marlowe into the world in July 2012.

Despite putting on a united front until recently, it's been alleged things haven't been well for a while.

"It seems they were staying together for Marlowe," a source told British magazine Grazia.

"Recently, they've been going to events together, but they weren't 'together together'. They seemed to be trying to keep it up for Marlowe, but it looks like they had finally come to the conclusion that things are not working for now. Sienna values honesty and it seems that neither of them wanted to live a lie as their daughter grows older, so they called off their engagement."

It was thought that a recent trip to Formentera served as make or break holiday for the two actors, but the insider says they actually split before the holiday.

So far 33-year-old Sienna has declined to comment, but friends say the split came about because of the differences in personality.

"At the end of the day, they are actually quite different people. Tom is lovely, but he's not the butterfly that Sienna is. She would often go off on her own and enjoy herself, and he wouldn't mind, but it wasn't his thing. She can be a handful at times and Tom was always great at calming her down," the source commented.

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