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Sienna Miller: Emma Stone is amazing

Sienna Miller says Emma Stone has been “brilliant” in helping her prepare for her role as Sally Bowles in Cabaret.

The American Sniper actress took over playing Sally Bowles in the Broadway production of Cabaret from the 26-year-old last month. And Sienna revealed to Vanity Fair that the Birdman actress had been so supportive during the hand over.

“Emma was on hand and has remained on hand and has been completely open and brilliant and just is such an amazing person. She warned me of the challenges and pitfalls that she felt,” she explained. “Talked me through stamina and gave me vitamin infusion numbers. And left me throat spray and stuff and all of the things that got her through the show. It was really sweet.”

Before Emma played the famous role, former Dawson’s Creek actress Michelle Williams had put her spin on it. Sienna didn’t worry about how she matched up against her predecessors, as she thinks Sally is a character that can be adapted by the actress playing her quite easily.

“There’s no real way of doing an impersonation in this part. Emma was brilliant, and she was also completely different, I think, from what I’m doing,” she continued. “This part, it sort of has to be your own version. It’s really bottomless, and it’s really open for interpretation, and there really are a million different ways that you can go with it.”

Despite a hectic schedule during her six-week run in Cabaret, the 33-year-old did manage to squeeze in a trip to the Oscars to support her film American Sniper. Sienna took her father and during the ceremony she had time to reflect on a conversation she had the previous year.

“[I] realised, a year ago, on that day, I had met Bradley [Cooper] at the Guy Oseary after-party, and he had said, “I just saw your tape for American Sniper and I think you’re going to get the part.” And that was a year ago,” she said. “And we had this moment in the auditorium where we realised, a year later, we were there, and it was up for best picture. That was a pretty sweet and incredible moment.”

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