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Sienna Miller: I want huge family

Sienna Miller would like to have a huge brood of children to protect her in later life.

The 31-year-old actress, who is engaged to actor Tom Sturridge, gave birth to their daughter Marlowe in July last year.

Sienna would like more children in the future, joking this is for selfish reasons.

"I want an army, yeah. I want a full army," she laughed to DuJour magazine. "It's insurance for when I get older. I've got to have one whom I don't irritate too much that will just take care of me. I love a big heaving, bursting Christmas table. I want that table full."

Sienna has been greatly affected by the birth of Marlowe. Having a baby has cemented her relationship with Tom, as well as changing the way she sees her life altogether.

"It's definitely more overwhelming than you can ever imagine. It's completely life-changing in the most wonderful way," she gushed. "It reshapes your heart and you can't really describe it or prepare for it, but it's magical. It's sort of the reason to live, I think."

Sienna shared her favourite way to escape from reality. The traditionalist has taken to cooking just as well as she has motherhood.

"I love cooking - I find it incredibly therapeutic. If I'm feeling really low, I tend to reach for the wooden spoon," she admitted. "[My signature dish is] roasts. I love roasts, chicken and lamb and also all kinds of Tuscan farmhouse food like Bolognese [sauce]."

In her latest movie Just Like a Woman, Sienna's character embarks on a life-changing road trip. In real life Sienna's ideal travelling companion is someone who makes her laugh.

"Kristen Wiig [would be my dream road trip partner]. I think any girl in the world would like to go on a road trip with her," Sienna continued.

"We obviously went on a road trip for this. We drove from Chicago to Santa Fe. I feel like road trips only make sense in America. It's such an American thing. I really love the idea of being on the road and the freedom of not knowing where you're going to end up."

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