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Sienna Miller: My daughter will be strong

Sienna Miller wants her daughter to be strong, with the ability to show her vulnerabilities.

The British actress and her fiancé Tom Sturridge welcomed their first child, Marlowe Ottoline, in July 2012. While the tot may not even be three years old yet, feisty Sienna has big plans for her.

“It’s about having a voice, not letting anyone speak over you, believing in yourself and also showing your vulnerabilities,” she explained to German magazine Gala.

“Women are often stronger than men.”

Ottoline may not be the most obvious choice for a middle name, but Sienna picked carefully. The 33-year-old landed on the moniker thanks to an admiration for a famous feminist.

“She’s named after Lady Ottoline Morrell, who was a part of author Virginia Woolf’s gang. They were all strong, independent women, who were respected for their intellect and spirit,” she explained.

Just as Sienna is giving her daughter strength, Marlowe is providing her own in return. In the recent flick American Sniper, Sienna played Taya, a woman who stays behind while her husband Chris goes to war as a Navy SEAL.

"When you really love someone, you make compromises," she reasoned to German magazine Jolie. "For my role as Taya, that means staying at home and raising two kids while her husband is sent to Iraq to fight. That must have been incredibly hard.

"But us women have a huge amount of strength that I've only fully understood since being a mother."

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