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Silverstone kills holiday stress

Alicia Silverstone shares tips to deal with holiday stress on her blog The Kind Life.

The 37-year-old actress and mother loves spending time with family and friends during the festive season but admits it’s easy to feel anxious about making sure everything is perfect.

She took to her blog The Kind Life on Friday to share her favourite traditions with readers, in hopes to ease a little stress.

“‘Do less, enjoy more’ (à la Magda Gerber) is my usual mantra,” Alicia revealed.

“Toddlers and children, and adults for that matter, are sensitive and absorb our moods, try to avoid becoming possessed by the Christmas holiday madness and truly enjoy this holiday season. If anything is a chore or draining you, try really hard to listen to that signal and get out of it.”

The Clueless star also urged fans to “keep it simple”. She said energetic children don’t need a lot of fuss to keep them occupied.

“Toddlers play longer with simple toys that they can be creative with and actively explore, like a set of blocks or a basket of balls,” she wrote. “And the gift they treasure most is our attention and love. No need to get fancy and spend money and make waste.”

In keeping with her holistic approach to living, Alicia also shared a few of her favourite recipes, including hot apple cider and a concoction she calls Glogg, a kind of spiced wine.

“I hope you all have a relaxing and joyful holiday time – a time to live and love and enjoy!!” she wrote.

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