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Silverstone’s ‘kind’ July 4th plans

Alicia Silverstone enjoys spending America’s Independence Day in a “mellow” atmosphere.

The 37-year-old Clueless star also runs her own wellness blog, The Kind Life. And she took to Twitter on Tuesday to share her post about why traditional celebrations are a bad idea.

“From unhealthy BBQ to loud fireworks that scare our furry friends, it’s easy to be a fourth of July scrooge!,” Alicia wrote, admitting she doesn’t “love this holiday”.

Offering alternatives from greasy food and a smoke-filled night, the star noted: “In the past I’ve spent the day pretty mellow… But if you love celebrating Independence Day, there are lots of ways you can kind your traditions and still stay in the spirit.”

The vegan star then suggested her followers give up hamburgers and hotdogs to “host a kind BBQ”, grilling up plant-based foods instead.

“Have an adventure! Instead of camping out near the fireworks, take a trip to a nearby lake or campground and enjoy nature in a serene setting with your family and friends,” she added. “Bring good food, your guitars, and your best campfire stories! Even better, visit a national park or monument and experience America’s natural beauty.”

The actress also gave a few suggestions on how to “make it mellow” while most others are out partying.

“Spend a cozy night in and watch a movie or documentary about American history,” she wrote. “Ken Burns also has a bunch of documentaries about specific aspects of American history, from baseball to jazz. Pick whatever interests you most!”

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