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Simon Cowell: I want to space travel

Simon Cowell wants his next singing contestant winner to "perform in space."

The music mogul is partnering up with Virgin businessman Richard Branson to send the next Britain's Got Talent winner above the atmosphere.

Richard's company has just built Virgin Galactic, a 2500mph spaceship that goes just above the earth's atmosphere, giving passengers a weightless ride.

British newspaper the Mirror reports that Simon wants his triumphant act to be one of the first people to board the ship.

"We are trying to work out a way so that the winner of the show gets to go up in the spacecraft and will be the first person to perform in space," Simon explained on a UK television broadcast this week. "I am being serious, I swear to God. You could be the first singer or dog act, whatever, performing in space."

Simon is interested in boarding the spaceship himself. He has always been interested in the sidereal.

"I would go on the spaceship myself," Simon gushed. "I love the idea that, if they are up for it, they have the option of performing in front of the whole planet in space. It can't be compulsory, but it will happen."

The Virgin Galactic will be available for space flights as early as 2013.

The sixth season of Britain's Got Talent will premiere in April.

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