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Simon Pegg: I avoid supermarket snappers

Simon Pegg doesn't use supermarkets as he's always stopped for about "a thousand" photos in them.

The British star has made his name starred in movies such as Hot Fuzz and Star Trek and is rumoured to have a role in the upcoming Star Wars flick. It means he is instantly recognisable, which has led to him taking steps to make his life easier.

"Now, this is not because I have lost touch with reality, but there is a far easier way to shop [for food] that doesn't involve me having my photo taken a thousand times, and that is the [delivery] man," he told British magazine Esquire, when asked when he last visited a supermarket. "Although the [delivery] man will occasionally ask for a photo."

Simon uses Twitter, although it took him a while to succumb to social media as he wasn't sure it was for him. He now enjoys it a lot, but tries to keep things light-hearted rather than go in for impassioned debates.

"[The last time I argued on Twitter] was a while ago. It is impossible to articulate credible arguments in 140 characters," he said. "And people join in. It's like that fight in The Matrix Reloaded between Neo and a hundred Agent Smiths."

The 44-year-old star opened up about many areas of his daily routine for the piece, explaining he is more normal than people would think. He grows fruit and vegetables in his garden and shouts at the TV when something normal happens. The actor also cares for his pets, which isn't without its funny moments at times.

"Last Friday," he responded, when asked when he last picked up dog excrement. "There was a particularly evident offering in our driveway. I have two miniature schnauzers. One of them, Mini, once pooped as a funeral cortege went by. I just stood there as she lowered a terrible plop."

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