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Simon Pegg: I didn't appreciate wild times

Simon Pegg only appreciated his former party days when he started to pay tax and earn a living.

The funnyman co-wrote and stars in The World's End, a comedy about a group of friends who reunite for a pub crawl, unwittingly becoming humankind's only hope for survival in the process.

Simon admits he drew on past "wild party" experiences for the film and joked he never really appreciated his student lifestyle until responsibility kicked in.

"It's only now when you're paying tax and you have to work all the time," he sniggered in an interview with BBC Radio 1.

Simon co-wrote the movie alongside his long-time collaborator and friend Nick Frost. The pair insist their close working relationship has never affected their friendship.

"We've been friends since I've been 21, 22, and I think we've only ever had six big fights," Simon, 43, told the radio show.

"We know when each other is in a bad mood and we know when to leave each other alone in those situations," Nick added, before Simon interjected: "But we can always bring each other out of that mood."

Nick laughed: "It's not always like, 'I hate Simon Pegg.'"

Simon discussed his love of comedy movies in the interview, revealing his three "absolute essentials" are This Is Spinal Tap, Life of Brian and Airplane!.

"And Shaun of the Dead if you want to keep it at home," he smiled about his own picture.

"The key is a good story and good characters. If you have a film with just jokes, if one of them fails the whole movie falls apart. The best comedy films have that. You start with that then get funny.

"I'm not a fan of 'not another something' movie. They are just references. It's torture."

Simon also revealed what he watched most growing up. The comedy actor says an unexpected genre was always on his list.

"I watched a lot of horror as a kid. My parents drank a lot so I was allowed," he deadpanned.

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