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Sims feels sick about turning 40

Molly Sims wants to vomit as she thinks about turning 40 on May 25 and reveals her son is teething and walking.

The 39-year-old reaches the age milestone on May 25 and is not looking forward to getting older.

The model-and-actress is so nervous about it that she feels ill just thinking about her birthday.

"I kind of want to vomit in my mouth, but yes, I am excited," she told Us magazine. "We are counting it down, it's like 37 days. I want to vomit."

Her son also has a forthcoming birthday and Molly reveals that she may use his turning one as a way to shift the attention on her own big day.

She welcomed her first child with producer husband Scott Stuber on June 19 2012.

"We might do a little joint birthday," she revealed. "Someone's turning one and someone's turning 40!"

Now she is a parent, Molly admits she can’t help but talk motherhood to adults.

She revealed that her boy has six new teeth already.

"Brooks is teething badly! We have six teeth. We're very early to have [that many] teeth, and we're drooling and he's having a hard time," she confessed. "But, you know, he's so fun and his smile and everything is new and it's so fun to watch him. It brings me so much joy. I have to say it's the most content I've ever been in my life."

Molly added that Brooks has started to walk already and can take instructions from his parents.

He is very advanced for his age and Molly is happy about his achievements.

"He took his first step yesterday," Molly added. "He's early. He's teething, he's walking and he was born with a tooth! But yes, he took one step. And I'm like, 'Come here!' He did it. He can now balance for like 60 seconds without holding on."

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