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Sims’ weird pregnancy thoughts

Molly Sims has “already started worrying” about the birth of her second child.

The model and actress is currently expecting her second child with husband Scott Stuber. The couple already have two-year-old son Brooks; and after taking their time in deciding his name, Molly and Scott are following the same process when it comes to their next offspring.

“My husband on the first round was addicted to this app called Nameberry. It’s a crazy app and he actually made me a powerpoint presentation on the different names,” she explained to People magazine. “So he went to Nameberry about a week ago and he’s like, ‘It’s a whole new app!’ They’ve re-done Nameberry! So we started looking. I have the old powerpoint and I laminated it because it was so freaking sweet, but weird and anal and awesome.”

Scott isn’t the only one who has strange habits when it comes to being an expectant parent. The 41-year-old star also admitted to stressing about bizarre things.

“I’ve already started worrying like, ‘Oh my God, what’s he gonna do when I’m in the hospital?’ It’s weird,” she said. “Then you’re like, can I love him as much as I love him or her? Those weird thoughts come, when you didn’t even think two years ago you could love something this much.”

The Sports Illustrated model added that Brooks already think he knows where his sibling is coming from.

“Someone sent me this box with a swing in it, it’s really really cute, and there’s a picture of a baby in the swing on the box,” she explained. “Someone was over and asking Brooks, ‘Are you excited about Mama’s baby?’ and he goes, ‘Mama’s baby’s right there!’ He thinks it’s the baby in the swing. We’re really not there yet, but I’m excited, I think we’re gonna start to get a baby doll and bring it home and name it.”

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